Dienstag, 11. März 2014

Domekraft? What's that?

Dome 1.0 (english version)

Once upon a time there was the beautiful music festival "Ancient Trance" in Taucha near Leipzig, Germany. Like every year full of beautiful people, jews harps and world music. And like every year in the beginning of august I was there again this year and had a wonderful time. For this occasion, every year friends from my old hometown in the south visit me in Leipzig .

The only difference this year was that I had this obsession with "Geodomes" starting in spring this year, and I wanted to build one in the summer. It's a kind of domed structure, in this case a tent built in a ultra-light way. I wanted to build it from sustainable and regrowing materials, nontoxic and environment-friendly  if possible, for example bamboo.

I had read the book "Manual for the Spaceship Earth" by Buckminster Fuller and was pretty curious to experience this terrific geometry from the realm of molecules in real-life size. Or to put it more simple, I wanted to sit in a dome and experience how that feels.

I didnt have much materials to start with, but I got the following with my small budget from the hardware store and the internet:

  • 65 bamboo rods, 12-14mm/150cm
  • PVC cable tubing 16mm (connectors)
  • nuts and bolts (connectors)
  • 2 5x6m plastic outdoor tarps
  • and a general idea on how to put it all together

In the end, enthusiasm and initiative of good friends and me went from having only an idea and materials to creating a real structure.

Though when we arrived at the festival, because of missing materials we had to build the first prototype as a septagon-roofed unregular potatoeder. First use tests confirmed: the shape is very important for how comfy it is inside. But all is well that stands well: tarp below, tarp over the roof and it worked like a charm.
Day 1: the Dome is up

Day 2: the Dome is still up

Way more comfortable than it looks

After the festival I had to ask myself the question: how can I house my 5 friends in my 11sqm under-the-roof flat? Simple, just build the Dome in the park! It was warm outside, I knew how to do it, and we were many motivated people and most importantly everyone finally wanted to see and feel the REAL, dome-shaped Dome :)

No sooner said than done, first stop after the festival was the hardware store to buy materials. After that to the "Clara-Zettkin-Park" and then it began (Overview on Google Maps)

Everyone got a job, even the bike is being held ;)

"Alle müssen was tun" by Funny van Dannen (engl.: "Everyone has to do something")

It is getting dark, but we are advancing smoothly

Topping-out ceremony, before darkness!

Some decoration for the comfyness

A few more herrings...

...and supper for the hard-working helpers.
We did it, calling it a day!
And so it began, the dome-park-living communism, where we shared many things. And whoever has any pictures of it flying around, you are welcome to share them here too.

Right beside us, the "Leipziger Wasserfest" started setting up, a bunch of food stalls and music stages in the park. We even had the opportunity to watch a stall burn from afar. Though the boys slept soundly, the girls smelled the rat and called the fire fighters.

Later the same night the girls even spotted a family of boars running across the field, followed by slightly out-of-their-gourds cops. Had to be a godly sight; I would relly liked to have seen it. The same family of boars was later spotted in the inner city. Who knows what they were fleeing?
Article "Wildschweine in Leipziger Innenstadt [OAZ]"

If you want to build a dome yourself, or want to buy one, just contact me. Either via the mail in the next paragraph or via my Google account.

And last but not least a call to all who took pictures, please get back to me at locvc at gmx dot de (replace at with "@" and dot with ".") I would be very happy to hear from you and if you'd like to share some of your pics of this wonderful time with me or even with the world.

Ancient Trance
Danach in den Clara-Zettkin-Park und los gings! (Übersicht auf Google Maps)
Artikel Wildschweine in Leipziger Innenstadt [OAZ]

to be continued...